Internet that’s as fast as you want it, and always dependable.

Whether you only use the Internet casually, or you're part of a big family of bandwidth-hogging technophiles, you deserve an Internet service provider that understands what you want. FairPoint high-speed Internet draws on our fiber network and other state-of-the-art technology to provide a more dependable Web experience, no matter what speed you choose.

Compare Speeds and Usage

Having fast Internet speeds to meet your usage needs and your budget can sometimes feel like a tricky formula. FairPoint wants to make it easy, so you get the right speed — without overpaying for things you don’t need. Expand the boxes below to learn more about the types of things you can do with certain speed ranges.

"High-speed Internet" doesn't even begin to describe it.

Multiple devices? No problem. Streaming HD video? Easy. Accessing large data files in a flash? Bring 'em on. A home full of gadgets is no match for the full strength of our fiber network, as several users can get the most from their cell phones, laptops and tablets — all at the same time.

Surf the Web like you live your life — in real time.

Get all the Web has to offer, streaming live. Play online games wirelessly, watch news feeds and follow your favorite teams, all without missing a beat. If you want to experience life as it happens, this speed will keep you in the loop.

Do more than just check email.

Don't let its place at the bottom of this list fool you — you can do a lot with 4 Mbps. Download music, shop online, do your banking, use your social networks, connect wireless devices. This is what the Internet is all about, and it's right here at an affordable price.

Suggested Household Internet Needs by Speed*

Speed Chart

*Examples are provided for general comparison purposes only and are not a guarantee or warranty of adequate speed for the intended purpose as individual circumstances vary. Actual service performance can vary from a customer’s purchased speed due to several variables in the customer location or beyond our network peering providers. Not all speeds and services available in all areas and broadband technology may vary. Read our Consumer Disclosures for Broadband Internet Access Service for more information.

Enjoy Add-Ons With No Extra Cost

Not only can you get FairPoint services at a great price, but you also get these premium features with your high-speed access at no additional cost.

That's right, unlimited data. You can use as much data as you want — and even offload your wireless device data to your home network to save money.

We back our high-speed Internet service with a 30-day, worry-free money-back guarantee.

Because questions occur on their own time, we're available whenever you need us. Simply call us to speak to a knowledgeable Tech Support representative.

FairPoint provides the security essentials to safeguard your family, files and computers from online threats and intrusions.

We include access to multiple email accounts, all with included storage, so everyone in your household can stay connected.

Our digital lifestyle means that online backup and storage is paramount. Luckily, FairPoint includes online storage space so you can easily backup and restore files from your computer.

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